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The main purpose of Naviera Transoceanica S.A. is to transport its customers’ oil from refineries and production centers, to different plants where they use it, governed by the highest standards of quality, safety and environmental care. In providing these maritime carrier services, it uses the largest fleet of ships (tankers of its own, as well as chartered), which have been granted certification of the highest levels and which are manned by crews who are highly skilled and specialized in the provision of this type of transportation. The long-term relationships we maintain with our key customers, boost our motivation to offer the best service that can be provided.




Naviera Transoceanica is the leading maritime Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) carrier in the country, to which end it boasts a most modern fleet with the highest capacity of Cooled Gas ships, providing services between Pisco and Camisea, including delivery ports on the Peruvian coast as well as abroad. This fleet of gas carrying ships maintains high operational standards, in the handling of cargo, as well as in navigational safety and efficiency aspects.




Through its related company, Naviera Petral S.A., it operates ships that carry all types of chemicals, mainly sulfuric acid in cabotage (from Ilo to Matarani) and through international traffic (from Ilo to ports in northern Chile, such as Mejillones,Puerto Patache and Michilla), essentially to supply the mining industry. Naviera Petral S.A. owns the Peruvian flag oil tanker‘Moquegua’, with a 14,400-tonDWT, built in 2002. It is the main chemicals carrier along the Peruvian coast.




We provide transportation of cargo either placed in containers, in break bulk form and for projects, on the Peruvian coast. To achieve this, we have ships available to us on a charter basis, such as: 400 TEU Container Ship (H-14) / 170 plugs – Multi-purpose 8000 to 13000 DWT - Projects, Oversized and Bulk Cargo.