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Objectives & Values


This is a fundamental value in the service we provide. We attach high priority to the safety and health of our workers. Our safety culture is based on prevention, awareness of dangers, continuous improvement and compliance with safety procedures.

The provision of quality services is not optional. We try our best to provide to our customers a service that will exceed their expectations.

For us efficiency is the best use of our resources to provide the best service.


At Transoceanica, we identify with our organization, its values and goals. We are committed to give our best in order to achieve the company’s objectives, exceeding expectations. This commitment is made with our employees, our customers, the authorities and society.

This is a key word, which guides the relationship of the people in the company with the common goals. Trust is a value that we promote because of the security it provides and because it supports growth and teamwork.

Doing things right is not enough; we need to be excellent about them, so as to achieve results that will fully satisfy all stakeholders of the organization, providing sustained customer value and maximizing the employees’ contribution through their development and involvement.