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Our Team

The operation of Naviera Transoceanica could not be explained without its workers. Their contribution is key. The company employs a group of 350 seamen aboard the ships and a team of support professionals in offices, specialists in their fields of work. Our goal is to promote and make it possible for all our employees to evolve according to their skills and abilities, in the end having workers and work teams who are more positive and who perform their work with a passion, excellence and safety. On-going training is one of the key points for the development and innovation of the company, which provides tools to face new challenges. We aim to always have the best team; and with our employees being the most important asset, efforts and resources of the company are continuously invested in search of the best training and the introduction of new skills. We aim at generating an adequate work environment that will stir motivation within a trust and commitment structure. We are committed to learning and creating permanent training responsibility, guilt-free, supporting the efforts made and motivating the individual. We are proud of our team, made up of loyal and competitive workers, who are capable, intelligent and industrious human beings.