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About Us


We are a well-recognized Peruvian shipping company focused on meeting transportation needs primarily with regard to hydrocarbons and other products, especially along the Coast of Peru and South America, the Caribbean and the United States. Transportation is accomplished through the use of our own Peruvian flag carriers and chartered ships. Additionally, we provide all services related to the shipping business, both at port as well as offshore, all under high standards of safety, quality and environmental soundness.


Provide tugging, towage and salvage services through the management and operation of tugboats, meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers, abiding by national and international safety standards, competent staff, with special emphasis on prevention of injuries and occupational diseases, and with environmental and social responsibility


Be the leading maritime organization in the management and operation of tugboats in the South American region through the firm commitment of our staff, aimed at the continuous improvement and development of our organization, customers and community.