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No activity can develop properly, if we do not do things clearly and transparently, following the rules of conduct and laws. That is why our 3 values: Commitment, Trust and Excellence, has been added the value of Integrity, which is, the quality that a person has to act and behave always with rectitude, honesty, truth and justice Integrity is to maintain the coherence between what you feel, what you say and what you do, and has the courage to do things in the way that seems most appropriate. In Transoceanica, people are expected to maintain solid principles in all our actions. This behavior must prevail under any circumstance. No one of the Company may request or imply any collaborator, to act improperly, according to the laws and rules of conduct established in the Ethics Guide, which, together with the Values ​​and Objectives, establish the expected behavior guidelines. An inappropriate act is not justifiable, even when its result generates a benefit for the Company.


The General Business Principles are guidelines of expected behaviors of our team that is part of this company. We have a common vision: to be leaders in the activity we develop, always complying with the Code of Conduct and always working with our values: Commitment, Trust, Excellence and Integrity.


We started the year with good supports, a new decade, and we had charted the path to carry out the new objectives and develop projects, both public, company and personal. However, from one moment to another the global crisis of the coronavirus, we covered ourselves with its shadow of contagions and deaths in most countries and in a short time it disrupted our daily way of life, our customs, our system, exposing a fragility as human beings, with deep cracks in the society in which we live. But, in recent weeks, we have also seen that in most people, events have also been presented that have a lot of solidarity and responsibility, which arouses admiration and gratitude for the effort that people make every day. In our case, despite the social isolation, restrictions and harsh conditions that appear in our activities nowadays, we highlight the sense of responsibility of all the people who make up the endowments of our contacts, as well as the administrative staff. Their dedication and effort confirms the civic responsibility of each one of us and shows us that we are a solid team that is now more united than ever. The operation of the ships, tugs and in the administrative part, has not stopped, we continue operations an ESSENTIAL service to our clients, for the benefit of all Peruvians. We are confident that we will soon move forward and overcome this global health crisis and what it will represent in the economy of all countries.