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No activity can develop properly, if we do not do things clearly and transparently, following the rules of conduct and laws. That is why our 3 values: Commitment, Trust and Excellence, has been added the value of Integrity, which is, the quality that a person has to act and behave always with rectitude, honesty, truth and justice Integrity is to maintain the coherence between what you feel, what you say and what you do, and has the courage to do things in the way that seems most appropriate. In Transoceanica, people are expected to maintain solid principles in all our actions. This behavior must prevail under any circumstance. No one of the Company may request or imply any collaborator, to act improperly, according to the laws and rules of conduct established in the Ethics Guide, which, together with the Values ​​and Objectives, establish the expected behavior guidelines. An inappropriate act is not justifiable, even when its result generates a benefit for the Company.


Since the beginning of 2018, Navitranso ships carry out regular STS operations to satisfaction in the Peruvian coast.


A proper preparation, together with an effective and careful organization, of the team involved in Naviera Transoceanica, made it possible to carry out three docks of three ships in a period of three months. Thus, between November 2018 and January 2019, in the dry dock of ASMAR, in Talcahuano - Chile, three of our high-board ships entered. First,the B / T Amazonas in November, then the B / T Camisea and finally the B / T Mantaro. The superintendent Oscar Tambra was the person in charge of coordinating these operations, the same as with the important support of the Logistics area and above all of the same endowment of the ships, made it possible for the three routes and hulls to be made within the stipulated times, as well as within the projected budgets. We congratulate the captains of the Amazonas, Camisea and Mantaro ships, their endowments, the engineer Oscar Tambra, the Logistics Area and all the people who with their dedication and effort made possible these trips of the three ships.


At Christmas of 2016, we had the solid idea of sending virtual cards with Christmas and New Year greetings to their clients, friends and suppliers, in order to support the INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE ENFERMEDADES NEOPLÁSICAS making a donation equivalent to Amount not spent on physical cards or their distribution. This was the first time that this solidarity, warm and empathetic initiative was taken to support in some way the people affected with cancer that are taken care of in this institute. In this sense, this donation was made, through the Alliance of support to INEN (ALINEN), whose mission is to contribute to improve the quality of life of the cancer patient and his family that arrives at the INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE ENFERMEDADES NEOPLÁSICAS and various hospitals that treat patients at the national level.