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About Us
We are a team that offers a diversified range of shipping services, primarily on the Peruvian Coast.
We are committed to quality, safety and environmental soundness, in a safe and environment-friendly ambient, to which effect we have the highest certification levels in the shipping industry.


On Tuesday, January 10th. the purchase of the Brugge Venture, gas tanker vessel was completed by Naviera Transoceanica. This ship that at the time of purchase had a Hong Kong flag and was builted in Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Shipyards in Japan, will change to Peruvian Flag and will be baptized with the name of COLCA in honor to the deep and important cannon that is located in the department of Arequipa-Peru. It is a modern ship of 35,200 CBM capacity, which along with the gas ship Mar Pacifico are the largest and most modern ships in Peru for the transportation of LPG. We have a great responsibility ahead as it is to supply LPG to Lima and Callao in an optimal, timely and safe way. The taking of the ship and the change of crew was in the port of Balboa in Panama. The ship is now at Callao completing the nationalization process. We wish many successes to the COLCA, her Captain Sixto Herrada, her Chief Engineer Alfonso Hurtado, as well as to all her crew during this new stage.

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SERTICA: One Group, One System

The SERTICA system is a program created by Logimatic S.A., a company based in Denmark, and whose main function is to act as a management platform for everything related to Maintenance and Purchasing in fleet vessels. Today, the team of SERTICA in the company, is made up of 10 of our co-workers, the ones that I detail below: Ronny Diaz and Jorge Baudouin, who lead it, Pilar Bendezú, Mari Carmen Choy, Blanca Verano, Julio Palomares, Johnathan Cubas, Johnathan Medina, Juan Mendiola and Juan José Ledesma. This project begins in October 2016 and is expected to be fully implemented both on ships and in the administrative office ending 2017. SERTICA is software that will undoubtedly allow an adequate management of the maintenance of the ships, the purchase of spare parts and goods for a safe operation. Better control of inventories and stocks.

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TRANSOSAFE: Security you can trust.

Security is a fundamental objective of our company. There is a permanent search for us to carry out our work with the utmost safety. We have the elements, tools and equipment, but it is also very important that our mentality is always committed to the development of a safe job. To this end, a firm specializing in maritime safety issues, Green and Jakobsen, has been contracted. The Culture of Security development program, which we have called Transosafe, which has been designed according to our values: • Commitment • Trust • Excellence The goal of this ambitious project is to develop a shared program of security processes, analyzing user behaviors, tools and methods. The ultimate goal is to create a solid security culture, for which we have the commitment and the responsibility of each one, working with passion to achieve it. The success of our safety results is based on our ability to To share the same perception of what is a safe job, that is, in terms of security, "let's speak the same language". To this end, it is necessary to raise awareness and explain the desired safety behaviors that are expected to be adopted by all employees of the company and thus contribute to the achievement of a safety culture.

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"Let's integrate security into everything we do."
"With responsibility, strength and loyalty, we move safely."
TransoSafe: Security you can trust